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Lincolnshire Tea Caravan Blend Loose Leaf 200g


A refreshing tea with a subtle smokiness to compliment many foods, including BBQ and smoked foods.



Inspired by the 18th Century camel caravans transporting tea from China to Russia. During the long journey they would stop at night and huddle around the camp fire. As a result, the tea started to gain a smoky flavour from the fires and became known as Russian Caravan Tea.

Our Lincolnshire Tea Caravan Blend is a blend of our larger leaf loose leaf Lincolnshire Tea blend, a smoked China tea and a generous dash of orange peel. One of our favourite summer drinks is a cup of Lincolnshire Tea served hot with a slice of fresh orange; this gave us the idea of adding orange to the Lincolnshire Tea Caravan Blend. It doesn’t give the tea a strong orange flavour but adds a citrus freshness and balance to the cup.

A tea to be enjoyed with family and friends outside on sunny days or winter months around the fire. One of Susie’s favourites, this is a truly fine tea with a subtle smokiness which compliments the flavours of BBQ and smoked foods.

Small batch blended and packed by hand.


Ingredients: Black Tea, Orange Peel


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Use freshly boiled water (100°C) and infuse for 3 to 4 minutes or to personal taste. Enjoy black or you can add a dash of milk if desired. To increase the orange freshness, try adding a fresh slice of orange instead.